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We’re proud of the awards we have been nominated for, and the growth we have achieved as a company since launching in 2010.

But we’re more proud to have helped over 180,000 people on their way to a more comfortable life.

It’s not easy for the over 55’s. In fact, we surveyed 2000 of you and found that 96% found the government did not have your best interests at heart. With inheritance tax being a minefield, long-term care being so unclear and quantitative easing hitting retirees the hardest, it seems that you need to be on your toes to maintain the quality of life that you deserve.

That’s why we work to bring you a range of financial solutions to swing the balance back in your favour. With our innovative range of lifetime mortgages, traditional mortgages, income protection and estate planning delivered to you with exceptional customer service, you can rest assured that we’re working on your behalf.


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We are all passionate about what we do, from sales representatives and online marketers to company directors, and every one of us is part of the continued success of Responsible Life.

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